Web Acceleration

Speed up your web Applications and Web Sites dramatically in less than a day. And reduce bandwidth usage too by between 200%-400%.

Slow Web sites and Web applications frustrate customers and drive them away or infuriate users and reduce productivity. Companies need to provide fast access to the content and applications on their site to improve user satisfaction and increase productivity and revenue.

This normally means buying bigger or more servers, rewriting your applications or websites, or adding bandwidth – with no guarantees that the problem can be solved.


There is an alternative. Deployed within a day. Without any changes to your existing applications or network infrastructure.

AgileEdge LIGHTNING Software Server implemented with expert Arahe Systems technical services, dramatically accelerates your Web sites or applications and delivers performance 2 - 10 times faster, without any changes, configuration or plug-ins at the browsers.

AgileEdge LIGHTNING enables you to add scalability, improve performance, reduce your bandwidth needs and provide the best possible user experience. Guaranteed.

This solution will work with all major applications servers, all web servers, Lotus Notes, all forms of web mail (including Outlook Web Access) and web-based access to all major ERP/ERM/CRM applications.

Basically, any web application accessed using a web browser - such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Konqueror, Safari and others - will benefit immediately. You can always try it first: Contact us now for a no-obligation test on your systems.

How Does it Work?

Web acceleration systems easily installs in front of any Web server and reduces the amount of HTTP traffic and speeds delivery of HTML pages and their components to the browser without any changes to your application and network. It accelerates both SSL and normal HTTP traffic.

How Does AgileEdge Lightning Benefit You?

Improves Performance

  • End users get faster connections, quicker response time and more page views per session = greater user productivity
  • Business unit managers achieve better application deployment
  • Increases your application server and web server scalability by offloading web server processing
  • Acts as a SSL accelerator to dramatically improve SSL encryption throughput.

Helps Control Costs
  • Reduced bandwidth requirements reduce overall network costs
  • Better performance with existing hardware defers the need for network or server upgrades
  • Better return on investment due to increased ability to accommodate users on existing bandwidth

Simplifies Administrative Tasks
  • Network administrators receive fewer customer complaints and lighter loads on network hardware
  • Monitor and modify from any remote location on your network
  • View online statistics and manuals in real time from any Web browser

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