Customer Support System

Focus on your customer relationship.

An effective Customer Support System (CSS) is an essential part of customer service quality. Customers' cases are valuable sources of information that organizations can use to improve the delivery and service excellence.

Research shows that relatively few dissatisfied complainer bother to make a complain. As a result, every complaint received may provide into a much a larger pool of dissatisfaction. By dealing with the causes of complaints, the organisation can further reduce both the number of complaints and dissatisfaction with its delivery and service.

CSS is a web-based tools for registering, managing and reporting on cases, event details, follow-ups investigation and resolution. This is based on an automated web-based workflow and assignment system. CSS provides a simple process that is clear for customers and staffs. It’s a way to resolve problems and avoid delays that may arise when matters pass through various levels within an agency. The process must be transparent, timely and user-friendly. An effective process ensures information is widely available on how to report a case.

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