AgileEdge Family

Arahe AgileEdge Enterprise is a suite of performance application platform that:

  • speeds up web content delivery
  • provides comprehensive analytics
  • extends enterprise class performance to remote branches

AgileEdge Enterprise is an enterprise class web and network optimization application delivery platform focused on performance while providing comprehensive analytics through its user friendly dashboard. It is a easily configured and flexible platform that allows your applications to be quickly extended from your data center to the cloud based on business requirements running in a hybrid approach.

The web delivery platform of AgileEdge has been designed to improve web delivery and improves web application response time, thereby improving service level and enhances user experience.

AgileEdge DC also features the datacenter edition that provides the ability to be hosted in the data center to serve multiple customers. Each customer has its own unique management console and dashboard that allows the customer to manage web application infrastructure and business performance easily. Management of web performance no longer need to be done at infrastructure level but can be done by grouping of business or enterprise applications.

AgileEdge LIGHTNING is an optimising gateway caching solution that integrates with AgileEdge INSIGHTS. LIGHTNING runs on a high performance server, or virtual machine, using a server grade operating system. LIGHTNING scales to the customer’s needs by taking advantage of all the server CPU cores, and by optimising network connections.

AgileEdge Cube essentially extends the performance of AgileEdge Enterprise down to branch or regional levels by providing all of the functionality of Lighting on a smaller scale.

AgileEdge INSIGHTS is a web analytics solutions for content traffic monitoring, management and analytic in an enterprise network. This solution can track and report website or web application usage. It provides the tools and dashboard to analyse the data retrieved from AgileEdge LIGHTNING or cube.

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