Content Management System

Orchestrate Digital Content with Content Management System

We believe the Web is the way that people will access electronic resources across the enterprise. Using electronic infrastructure based on Internet standards, a corporate portal will bring together these resources into an experience that’s simple enough for everyone to use, anywhere. We make it easy, cost-effective and efficient for enterprises to securely create, locate and present all forms of content and media to any and all required audiences. We have solutions for the complete content lifecycle.

We want to help these companies realize the importance of managing both structured and unstructured content. We want them to know exactly where all their information resides. We want them to manage and access all types of disparate content, unrestrained by technology limitations. We want our customers to know that to be competitive, they have to rely on a solution that can resolve today’s problems as well as manage tomorrow’s needs — and that we have that solution. We help our customers to build integrated content management system that handles all types of documents, media formats, content – structured or unstructured, users, and business processes and push that content to millions of users.

Already successful in implementing a enterprise class content management and portal system for the largest consumer portal in Malaysia with more than 500,000 users, Arahe is a proven entity. With a team of highly experienced and technology-savvy consultants and developers, we implement ideas and technology from our market leading partners to provide our customers with best-of-breed high ROIs and low TCOs solutions that directly addresses their business needs - with the key goals of reducing costs, increasing revenues and improving customer service levels.

Content Management System ROI

As a business manager, you are constantly urged to improve quality and operational efficiencies. With the cost of content management systems running anywhere from RM200K to RM2Mil what kind of return can you expect? And when different vendors say they can do it all, how are you able to shop and compare benefits?

Once you investigate further, you'll find that our technology enables them to streamline their existing business processes without having to re-engineer them, and in most cases, our software has much lower hardware requirements as compared to other vendors.

Most Enterprise Content Management systems, for example, may require three to four servers and database licenses, whereas TeamSite only requires one. Yet our branching technology allows you to support an unlimited number of initiatives with one instance of Interwoven's TeamSite. All this adds up to big savings -- which can easily exceed RM500,000 for a medium-size customer. Furthermore, we are one of the few systems that do not require that you retrofit your content into databases. With Interwoven, all you have to do is drag and drop your content into TeamSite, and you're ready to go.


Templating provides vivid example of how our content entry tools provide enormous savings in the production process.

As you can see in the figure on your left, a typical environment without templating, the creation of a press release page would take roughly four hours and cost RM 970 to produce. With the help of TeamSite templating, editing that same page will take under thirty (30) minutes and cost is a little more than RM 80.

How is this possible? Because templating takes advantage of XML and enables content reuse through the separation of presentation from content. This allows the content contributor to be able to enter their information into a data capture template and select one of several presentation templates to apply. In the absence of templating, the contributor would have to design the page layout, write HTML code, write JAVA code, QA the page and publish. Templating saves time and money. In fact, many customers save up to 80% in production costs over the old way.

Instant QA From Your Desktop

Interwoven pushes QA down to the contributor level. Whether you have just submitted a document to the portal, edited HTML, or updated application code, you can immediately see the impacts of your changes on the whole site before going live. We call this virtualization. With TeamSite, QA is fast and intuitive. When you have lots of changes and hund

Smart Content, Big Savings

Interwoven is the only company that offers an integrated content intelligence product. MetaTagger is able to creates meta data both automatically and semi-automatically depending on your needs. This means that your staff can spend more time working on content and less time applying metadata. Aside from this big savings in production time, MetaTagger also delivers complete, consistent, and accurate metadata, which boosts performance in your search, portal and eCommerce applications. How much is that worth to your bottom line?

Next Steps

If you're just starting to evaluate a new content management initiative, you should take the time now to understand your processes and cost structure. This will make it easier to conduct a ROI analysis that you can support with your senior management.

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