SiteCelerate the multi-award winning technology has helped making web applications up to 1000% faster. With over hundreds of installations, SiteCelerate has helped many organization improve Total Customer Experience and security, handle more users while reducing operational and capital expenditure.

With the continuing massive increase of mobile and web devices in today's market and the increasingly demanding user expectations of web performance, many organizations are challenged to improve their web services to better serve their customers.

Major affected areas are Total Customer Experience and overall productivity. For both public websites and critical enterprise web applications, speed, security and application responsiveness can make or break an organization. Slow sites or applications drive users to the competition and sluggish application performance reduces employee productivity. Expanding capacity and growing infrastructure is crucial but it can be very costly and time-consuming.

SiteCelerate can be deployed as an appliance, virtual appliance or in the Cloud - aligning to your business requirements. It works transparently and seamlessly with any web based application or even mobile portal. The powerful optimization and acceleration engine supports dynamic web applications and provide additional security for websites and web applications. SiteCelerate has been implemented in some of the largest organizations worldwide in industries such as banking, insurance, stock broking, government, airlines and others.

SiteCelerate that is installed in-front of the web servers functions by compressing, optimizing and smart caching all content of web sites, web applications and portals. It also manages and intelligently serves web traffic more effectively. Therefore, any web sites, web applications and portals that is optimized and accelerated by SiteCelerate downloads faster, responds better and delivers a much more compelling user experience. Because the content is optimized and the size has been reduced tremendously, users are assured of the best web performance – regardless whether it is accessed via a desktop PC, a tablet or a mobile phone.

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