Solidifying your e-solution with Servado

Servado is a Java Enterprise Edition (JEE) compliant, scalable and extensible enterprise business platform. Addressing the business logics of your enterprise solution, its value lies in enabling us to get you to market faster as well as reducing your application development time. In this way, you stay focused on running your business while we take care of the technology.

Based on leading edge Java technologies, this platform is built from the ground up to be as flexible as possible. Combine this with dependability, security and scalability, Servado provides a solid foundation where our components can be easily built or modified to meet your unique needs in a fraction of the time.

The Benefits

  • Component Architecture

    Servado is organised as a set of highly object-oriented components. Hence, developers using it can truly benefits from the advantages of a component framework.

  • Multiple Delivery Channels

    Servado supports the delivery of application over web browser on dekstop or notebook and even delivery of data to mobile native or hybrid applications.

  • Faster to Market Solution

    As Servado™ is a set of pre-developed, pre-defined but extensible components and framework, it requires shorter time to fully develop an enterprise solution. This is then translated to shorter time to market for any systems developed on Servado.

  • Simplify Development & Maintenance

    Servado set of components simplifies development and with its object-oriented design principles, further development and maintenance of current codes are greatly simplified.

  • Cross Platform Development

    Servado™ set of components is based on Java and is hence easily ported across any hardware platforms. Java currently can be executed on Microsoft Windows platform, Oracle Solaris, HP UNIX and Linux operating systems.

  • Scalable, Secured and High Performance Servado's platform allows it to leverage commercial range of JEE application servers in providing a highly scalable, secured and high performance system through sophisticated load balancing and clustering.

Servado is also designed to support multi-lingual, multi-channel delivery of your data so as your needs change, Servado™ and its components can meet these changes. Our current portfolio of application components provides solutions for portal building, e-commerce and office automation. We continue to work hard to add to our portfolio to meet market needs.

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