NetCelerate, the next generation Web Cache System, is an ideal solution for Web content acceleration today. It can also be easily leveraged and deployed as the enterprise Content Delivery Network of tomorrow.

NetCelerate accelerates all Web content traffic on a network, delivering files, Web pages and application data 2-10 times faster. NetCelerate enables you to cost-effectively add scalability, improve performance and provide consistent quality to all user, whether they sit on your LAN, work from home, or dial in from the road.

NetCelerate enables ISPs and Enterprises to speed the delivery of Web content and critical applications to users, regardless of their connection speed or location. The advantage for corporate users is that anyone accessing the network - whether they are on the LAN, a remote user using broadband, or a road warrior on Modem dial-up - receives all corporate web applications and Internet content faster. The advantage for all users is a dramatic increase in Web browsing speeds.

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