Enterprise and software vendors looking to deliver complex, interactive business applications over the Web are faced with many challenges and obstacles, given current technology.

In today’s leading enterprise business, corporations use the internet or intranet to deliver enterprise applications, reducing the costs of deployment and maintenance. The inefficient of current web-based applications, offer limited functionality poor performance and usability and are expensive to scale.

A new platform is required to address these critical issues by providing a technology that combines the best of the old Client/Server model and the current Web-enabled systems. It moves the computing power to the client device, while enabling delivery of the application across the internet. This will deliver key competitive advantages to the customers. It increases user productivity by enabling faster, more informed decision making; reduced infrastructure costs by providing for far greater application scalability; and decreases time to market by enabling faster application development and extendibility.

Façado Platform is a thin, smart client that allows for the creation and deployment of dynamic user interfaces for Web-based enterprise applications and delivers the client-side user interface solution for the emerging Web services computing model. It is designed to easily connect to various back-end systems and applications and allows for quick deployment to the desktop.

The Façado platform:

  • Extends Web browsers with the intelligence and speed of a desktop application
  • Allows applications to be built that are truly device independent
  • Makes it easy and fast to deploy user interfaces for Web applications

It provides significant return on investment to the corporation, advantages to developers who are creating and deploying Web-based enterprise applications and a better experience for the end user.

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