AgileEdge Lightning

AgileEdge Lightning is an optimising gateway caching solution that integrates with AgileEdge Insights. Lightning runs on a high performance server, virtual machine, or in the cloud, using a server grade operating system.

Lightning reduces bandwidth and improves performance by optimising and caching web server content, scaling to the customer’s needs by taking advantage of all the server CPU cores, and by optimising network connections.

By moving the user requests from the web server to Lightning, the load on the web server is reduced, thereby enhancing reliability of the web server and response time. Lightning also has the capability to offload SSL processing from the web server, further reducing web server load. Multiple applications can be combined on one Lightning server and independently configured.

Lightning can load balance a pool of web servers and continuously monitor the web servers for availability. Lightning identifies unavailable web servers and removes them from the pool, adding them back into the pool when they become available, thus minimising user disruption.

Lightning is able to mitigate some web server attacks that seek to cause buffer overflows, slow requests that tie up resources, overloading of connections that exhaust resources, etc.

Lightning can extend a web server’s capabilities or modify its behaviour when web server expertise is not available, for example: rewriting URLs, delivering content based upon the browser user agent, allowing IPv6 access to an IPv4 web server, providing scalable user access, modifying the content expiry times, and modifying the web server defined caching behaviour of the content.

AgileEdge Cube extends the performance of AE Lightning down to branch or regional levels by providing all of the functionality of Lighting on a smaller scale. This allows branch offices of an organisation, all the benefits of Lighting to locally cache content from the head office, thereby reducing bandwidth and increasing performance with the additional benefit of reducing load on the main servers.

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