AgileEdge InSights

AgileEdge INSIGHTS is a web analytics solutions for content traffic monitoring, management and analytic in an enterprise network. This solution can track and report website or web application usage. It provides the tools and dashboard to analyse the data retrieved from AgileEdge LIGHTNING or Cube.


    The dashboard will provide the high level of web applications traffic and usage.

    AgileEdge Servers

    The AgileEdge Server feature is to manage and configure one or more AgileEdge servers that are connecting to the website or web application.

    AgileEdge Servers Reports

    These reports illustrate the utilisation statistics of the AgileEdge servers.

    Applications Reports

    These reports illustrate the web application statistics that are accelerated by AgileEdge Lightning.


    Manages the user or customer accounts, server zone, AgileEdge servers and profiles.


    INSIGHTS application administration manages the access control, audit trail and system settings.

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