AgileEdge Delivery Network

AgileEdge Delivery Network addresses the SENSE, RESPOND and LEARN characteristics required of an Agile and Adaptive Organization

AgileEdge Delivery Network (ADN) provides the ability to scale your web based services to further improve the performance of your web application services. IT are always expected to provide greater response time, improve service level and provide better management of their infrastructure. Every component that they deploys requires a lot of other integration such as security, performance and availability monitoring, reporting, manual tuning and other operational activities that involves in heavy time and resource consumption.

ADN is a platform that offer great flexibility that it provides integrated monitoring, analytics, accelerations, optimizations, security and many other built-in components that will help any organization to provide better services internally to their end users and externally to their customers.

Auto Scale-Out

Imagine that the current infrastructure of your web applications are having performance issues delivering services to the customers. What if the customers are coming from many countries ? How much investment does it cost to improve these services to these customers coming from various countries ? What if internally, the load of the users had been increasing ? Have you been monitoring your users and the load ? ADN has the ability to internally scale or externally scale to further improve the infrastructure to support the heavy load dynamically.

Speed up web applications and web portal

ADN can further increase the performance of your web applications and portal 3x to 10x faster to improve service level and user experience. By improving the performance, web applications and portal has the ability to serve more users and deliver faster to the users.


Do you understand where the failure is ? Is that the internet connections, internal network or web applications ? The monitoring capability of ADN extends the monitoring of your environment to understand from a more holistic view that gives you the understanding of where the failure is coming from. The ability to understand what is the performance that your end users are experiencing up to the components that is causing the performance degrade and failures.


Do you know who are the real users ? What if they are attacking from external ? Is your services secured ? The security functionality of ADN further protect your environment of being easily attacked and provides us the ability to understand the security threat and ensuring that your pages are delivered to the user more securely.


How many users are accessing your services ? Where are they coming from and what are they doing in your web portal ? ADN analytics gives you the ability to further understand the user behavior, how are they accessing it and where they go to.

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